DSM Plugins

Setting up the plugin (Quick Start)

Copy the plugin file into your UltraVnc directory. - The DSM file needs to be in the same directory as the vncviewer and winvnc programs. The plugins may be found in the "plugins" directory under your UltraVNC directory. If you don't find the plugins there, download them from this website and unzip them to your UltraVNC directory.

Generate a Key file. - Start the UltraVNC Viewer. Select the plugin from the list. Click on the Configure button. In the "Generate New Key File section, note the path and name of the key to be generated. (The default is "new_XXXX.key") If there is an option, Select the key size. Click on "Gen Key".

Distribute your key - Rename the new_XXXX.key file to XXXX.key. The XXXX.key file must be copied onto each machine that you will be using, both viewers and servers. Copy the key into your UltraVNC directory.

Enable the Plugin on the Server. - Open the VNC server's System Properties. Select the plugin from the list. Check the "Use the DSM Plugin" checkbox. Click on Apply, then OK. You will need to restart the WinVNC service before the plugin is properly enabled.

Enable the plugin on the Viewer. - Start the UltraVNC viewer. Select the plugin from the list. Check the Use the DSM Plugin checkbox. Click on Connect.

Advanced Configurations

The plugins look for the key file in a number of places. This can add flexibility to your setup for scripting, installation, and managing multiple clients. The plugin looks in the following places, in order:

*Current Working Directory - This can be a tough one. For the Server as a service, it is Windows\System32. For the Server as an appliation, and the Viewer, it depends on the properties of the shortcut you used. To check the working directory, right-click on the shortcut, and select Properties. The value of "Start In:" determines where the current working directory is for the shortcut. If it is empty, it is most likely to be the desktop. Do yourself a favor and set this to a specific directory so you can find the log files.

**Program Files\UltraVNC - If you have a non-English version of Windows, where is "Program Files"? To find "Program Files" the plugin looks at the environment variable setup by Windows called %programfiles%. It uses the value of that variable, and then adds \UltraVnc on the end. Works everywhere!

***Program Files\Orl\VNC - Same as above, but adds \Orl\VNC. This is the typical install path for FastPush.