Mirroring FreeBSD

Jun Kuriyama

Valentino Vaschetto

Daniel Lang

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An in-progress article on how to mirror FreeBSD, aimed at hub administrators.

Table of Contents
1. Contact Information
2. Requirements for FreeBSD mirrors
3. How to Mirror FreeBSD
4. Where to mirror from
5. Official Mirrors
6. Some statistics from mirror sites


We are not accepting new mirrors at this time.

1. Contact Information

The Mirror System Coordinators can be reached through email at . There is also a FreeBSD mirror sites mailing lists.

All FreeBSD documents are available for download at http://ftp.FreeBSD.org/pub/FreeBSD/doc/

Questions that are not answered by the documentation may be sent to <freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.org>.
Send questions about this document to <freebsd-doc@FreeBSD.org>.