FreeBSD Quickstart Guide for Linux® Users

John Ferrell

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This document is intended to quickly familiarize intermediate to advanced Linux® users with the basics of FreeBSD.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Shells: No Bash?
3. Packages and Ports: Adding software in FreeBSD
4. System Startup: Where are the run-levels?
5. Network configuration
6. Firewall
7. Updating FreeBSD
8. procfs: Gone But Not Forgotten
9. Common Commands
10. Conclusion

1. Introduction

This document will highlight the differences between FreeBSD and Linux® so that intermediate to advanced Linux® users can quickly familiarize themselves with the basics of FreeBSD. This is just a technical quickstart, it does not attempt to design philosophical differences between the two operating systems.

This document assumes that you have already installed FreeBSD. If you have not installed FreeBSD or need help with the installation process please refer to the Installing FreeBSD chapter of the FreeBSD Handbook.

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